COVID19 Pandemic is Just for a while. 15-year-old Writer, Peace, Spreads Hope

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COVID-19 also known as coronavirus is considered to be a novel viral pandemic and an emergent threat to global health security.

The virus is an unseen enemy which has brought about a global economic crisis and a higher rate of mortality. The pandemic has caused a lockdown on different organizations and bodies, businesses are not fervent anymore, religious bodies have temporarily shut down and schools are being closed. This has greatly affected students who were about to write their examinations.

The pandemic also has brought about deaths resulting in a reduced population. A large number of people are losing their loved ones gradually and thankfully, there have also been recoveries from the deadly virus.

As there is no cure yet for this deadly pandemic, people are advised to take preventive measures in order to stay safe. I encourage that we keep hope alive, even as health professionals are trying their best to fight this pandemic, leveraging on their expertise. We should not stop hoping for better days ahead of us.

Let’s play our part in making donations to health organizations to acquire facilities for treating the people who are being infected by this virus. We are all caught up in this pandemic. It is pertinent we spread hope every passing day, and not fear.

Let’s all play our part; let’s educate and pray.

Let’s fill the world with love. Also, spread love to every length and breadth of the earth, showing love while we are living and not in death.

If we do all of these, I assure you that our lives would go back to normal. We would conquer the enemy COVID-19, the fresh air we yearn to breathe would still be ours. Together we will heal the world. Let’s still stay safe, adhere to preventive measures and hope for a better tomorrow.

Stay home. Stay Safe.

Written by
Peace Ekpenyong, 15 years old Writer and Poet

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