Children are Our Future

Building innovative kids through skill-based learning

The Innovative Child Network provides skill-based learning opportunity to the next generation of innovative thinkers and creators. Providing Training, Accessibility to mentors and visibility to boost and accelerate their growth.  

Skills development brings about a progressive and prosperous society and every person, including children and teenagers have a part to play in building the society.

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More About Us

What Guides Our Journey

Vision and Mission


We envision a society where every child will have the necessary skills to better prepare them for the future, unlocking learning at school and contribute to success, thereby preparing a child for independence of life.


Our mission is to leverage on skill-based learning to grow a formidable network of young innovators, building relevant skills to enable them contribute meaningfully to sustainable development while tackling Global learning crisis.

Core Values (Principles)

We derived our core values from the accronymn CHILD


We are committed to transforming the society through education and skills development, by being involved in every child’s growth in order to inspire commitment to learning thereby achieving a progressive society, one child at a time.


We live by the principle of being hospitable and communicating same to our innovative kids. We create a hospitable environment to aid a child's physical, emotional and psychological growth as well as foster learning.


We continually design new method, idea and approaches to enable our children learn and adapt quickly thereby growing to become the next generation of innovative thinkers. 


We see each child as a leader. We live in a world where powerful leaders are capable of accomplishing great things. No one is born a leader - and so we instill in each child the leadership skills they need to make a positive impact in the world, by increasing access to information, inspire them to work with teams, Empower them and allow them to be independent.


In achieving success in life, hard work must go with diligence. And so, we instill in each child careful and persistent lifestyle (or habit) to scale through and achieve balance in life.

What We Do

What we do to help the children

Literacy Programs

New data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics show that 617 million children and adolescents worldwide are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. The figure signals “a learning crisis” according to the UIS, which could threaten progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The data suggest that the new numbers are rooted in three common problems. First, the lack of access, with children who are out of school having little or no chance to reach a minimum level of proficiency. Second, a failure to retain every child in school and keep them on track. And third, the issue of education quality and what is happening within the classroom itself. - UNESCO 2017 Report

TiCNetwork through its literacy program seeks to improve the literacy and numeracy abilities of its children to substantially contribute to a proportion of young people both male and female who have a basic understanding of  ability to read and write, listen and speak and enumerate - SDGS4 target 4.4.

According to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills.  Through our #1Child1Book campaign which runs annually for 5 months, we provide educational materials support for children in rural communities who attend community schools and also support kids from economically challenged background to stay in school.

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We Organize trainings for our children periodically on areas that include; Programming( App Inventor, Scratch and Web Development), Writing/poetry, Arts/Crafts, Public Speaking, Personal Development, Digital Skills( leveraging on tools on the internet to pull visibility to their craft as well as providing ease of work). Trainings are for children ages 5 to 14 years.

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Mentoring for children is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills they can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in life’s pursuit and beyond. Our mentoring program enables a one-on-one support for our children and help them navigate through their career easily. This aspect cuts across all skills area they could be interested or show potential in. For some, we help them discover and nurture for growth.

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Extra-Moral Classes

To keep up with class activities, we offer home lessons on English and Mathematics for now.

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To measure Quality learning outcomes, we organized exhibition for children in our network at the end of every quarter. In this exhibition, children get to present their various skills as well as their projects. It also serve as beautiful moment to once again bring to the knowledge of their parents and guardian how distinctive and innovative their children could be if given the right exposure and training.

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